Information for Schools

Schools who wish to hold this competition, please get in touch.

No tasks for school or teachers

From start to end, the uTalk Team will manage everything from promotion, bookings to conducting the competition. Teachers will have access to the dashboard to track usage and monitor progress.

Optional practice during school hours

Students practise mostly during their own free time. It is optional to allocate practice time during school hours, e.g. during Language Lab sessions.

Multiple Languages to choose from

Over 60 topics in over 140 languages. Practical vocabulary
designed to get students talking.

Evidence-based approach

uTalk has devised language software that’s a more natural way to learn. Fun, educational games help languages stick and make it easier to keep pupils engaged – with great results!

Immediate results from competition participation

Learners play fun games to build up their knowledge of words and phrases. Speaking games are voiced by native speakers so students can make sure their pronunciation is spot-on. The software is also responsive and makes sure learners focus on what works best for them by targeting their weak points.

Excellent self-directed engagement

Visual + Verbal + Fun = Learning that works which is entirely self directed. On average students of previous competitions have practised for over 20 hrs in just 2 weeks which is about 2 hrs a day during the 5 week competition period.

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